Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week Two Winners

Week Two of the Mid-Week Blues-Buster is now in the books!

No one wants to hear from me when there are winners to be announced so I’ll turn things over to judge Ruth Long….

Says Judge Ruth;

I always look forward to judging with a mix of anticipation and dread. Anticipation to see what’s been written and the dread of having to choose which is the pick of the litter. This week’s song is highly evocative and every entry captured that. Thank you to everyone who entered!
1st – Delilah Day for Love, Honor and Obey
Lovely and heartrending. This is a poignant narrative that cuts close the bone, and yet lets us into the character’s head and heart to see the struggle – what is fair to each of them, what, if anything, can be redeemed? Sometimes the answer can’t be reasoned out with a partner, but only within our own hearts.
2nd – Jeffrey Hollar for “An Independent Woman”
There is such a terrific battle of wills going here that I kept rereading it, wondering where one or the other could give, just a bit, just enough to make it work, but I could find no quarter where they could be reconciled, and this fits the refrain of this week’s prompt so very well.
3rd – Steven Paul Watson for One Look
This story was wonderfully emotive and so well captured the aching refrain of this week’s prompt. Such a strong sense of setting gave this piece a flavor all its own.
3rd – Vixen Fiction for A Letter To My Children
The presentation of this story, in letter form, is surprising and gripping all at once. Fantastic characterization and powerful storytelling!

Thanks to everyone who wrote, who thought about writing, and who took the time to come over to the blog and give us a look….

See you on Tuesday for another exciting episode of… The Mid-Week Blues-Buster…



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  1. All the entries were so good! Congrats to all. I have to say Jeff’s piece was bittersweet right up to the end when it turned tragic…for any young woman heading off to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was heading off to her death eventually. Again…nicely done all.


  2. thevixenfiction

    Thanks Ruth and congrats to you all…x


  3. Delilah E. Day

    Thanks for the kind words, oh amazing Judge.

    Congrats to everyone else who entered too. Everyones entries were awesome.

    D x


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