Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week One Winners…

So I took a little time to decide on what format to use for challenge winners and I’ve settled on a simple 3rd Place, 2nd Place, 1st Place arrangement.

This is subject to change.

Picking winners from the 8 (Eight!  You people are awesome!) entries was not easy.  Each story had something to write home about in it but pick I did…

3rd Place – Jeremiah by The Fiction Vixen  This is an intense story with powerful imagery and an emotional punch

2nd Place – Bishop’s Pawn by Ruth Long  I love the rush of energy running through this story and the sharp dialogue

1st Place – All She Has by @scrivK  This one blew me away.  Tight prose, strong, blunt imagery, and a well-constructed plot.

A hearty mazel tov to our winners and to everyone who came out to write.

See you on Tuesday!

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  1. Awesome! Thank you so very much, and I’m looking forward to this weeks Blues Buster!


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