Buck Wild – Love Bites Blog Hop

Here’s my entry for the Love Bites Blog Hop  http://www.bullishink.com/2013/02/08/love-bites-blog-hop/

Buck Wild

Poofy blond hair. Cherubic features. The guy across the table looked like a sap.

“I’m Detective Molloy,” I said. “You understand your rights as explained to you, Mr… Cupid?”

He nodded.

“Didn’t hear that.”


“You’re waiving your right to counsel?”


“All right.” I hit the record button and waited.

“I did it, Detective,” he said. “I shot him.”

He had a voice like Harvey Fierstein’s. Didn’t see that coming.

“With your bow and arrow? Why would you do something like that?”

He looked at me the way dogs look at helicopters.

“I’m the god of love.”

I nodded and wrote, “Psych. Eval.” on my notepad.

“I’ve done it thousands of times,” he said. “Millions, really. It’s never ended up like… this.”

“You mean a corpse with an arrow in it?”

“Didn’t think you’d believe me. Nobody believes anymore.”

“Just tell me how it happened.”

“He was next on the List so I plugged him in the heart. Like I’m supposed to.”

“Because you’re the god of love.”

“Except instead of falling for that cute redhead he dropped dead.”

“You’re sure it was your bow?”

He had to think.

“It… looked like my bow.”

My phone went off. Text message. I read it and got up.

“Gotta run. We just got a call from a bowhunter. Claims he’s being terrorized by a, ‘goddam horny deer.’”


250 words

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  1. Now, that’s funny.


  2. Fabulous – I would so like to be that detective


  3. Now I like that! That’s brilliant – very funny@


  4. You added a great spin – love the idea of the detective interviewing cupid, the dialogue works perfectly and the last line really made me giggle! Thanks for entering!


  5. Lol, loved this – didn’t expect the end, so funny.


  6. Ha ha ha! Loved that! Wasn’t sure what would happen to Cupid, but hopefully some extenuating circumstances…


  7. Bwahahaha
    I agree with everyone, very funny!


  8. Nice


  9. This is classic JT storytelling!!! Absolutely wonderful!!! So very happy you joined the hop!! 🙂


  10. So love this story, Jeff. This is love gone wrong at its tragic-funniest.


  11. I hate when that happens. 🙂 Lol. Nice story, Jeff. Man, if only that hunter knew what he had…


  12. This is excellent; a real turn of events. Love the energy you create in the conversation that gives us so much characterisation. And of course very funny. x


  13. Ha I love it! Great story!


  14. Wow, I love your story! Such a clever idea and the ending is hilarious.


  15. Wow I love your story! Such a clever idea and the ending is hilarious!


  16. PERFECT!! Really great story


  17. “It looked like my bow…” very funny!!


  18. Merely wanna state that this is very beneficial , Thanks for taking your time to write this.



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