Friday Night Write – C’mon Talk

This was written for Friday Night Write, a 500 word flash fiction challenge hosted by Sweet Banana Ink.  The prompt for this week’s challenge is the song “C’mon Talk” by Bernhoft.

C’mon Talk

It was three o’clock in the morning and Vasquez’ wedding was over.

My best friend Vasquez, resplendent in his topcoat and bermuda shorts, and Luisa, the bride, stunning in a white sarong, married barefoot on the beach with three hundred of their nearest and dearest.

Annette and I were by the fountain outside the hotel bar.

I thought back to the night six years ago when Vasquez and I met her at our favorite Alphabet City dive bar, the first time I saw her in a haze of smoke and booze. The first time I watched her eyes follow Vasquez across a room.

It was so long ago, but the memory hadn’t faded.

Not even a little bit.

It had been one hell of a wedding, happy and sappy, and I danced all the slow numbers with Annette like I promised her I would.

I held her close and pretended not to notice the way she looked at Vasquez when she thought no one could see.

All things considered, Annette put a damned good face on it, flitting and flirting her way around the room, laughing when it was called for and, despite what it cost her, smiling through the entire day.

She was still smiling and was just a little drunk as she danced around in the fountain.

The bass and just a hint of the vocals from the music bled out of the bar.

Bernhoft’s ‘C’mon Talk’. The universe had a sense of humor.

Annette looked at me and smiled as Bernhoft gave way to a Nina Simone ballad.

“You promised, Jake.”

“Lilac wine is sweet and heady,

Like my love…”

She put her hands out for me and I helped her out of the fountain so we could dance.

“Lilac wine… I feel unsteady…”

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked me in the eye, watching me watching her. The eye contact lasted no more than a couple of seconds but it was enough.

Our lips hovered just millimeters apart. I could feel her need to be kissed. The ache was as keen as my own. But it couldn’t be. Not then. Not like this.

Annette shuddered against me.

She pressed her face into my chest and whispered through her tears.  “I fooled them all, didn’t I, Jake?”

I bit my lip and held it until I tasted blood.

“Yeah, baby.  You fooled us all.”


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  1. Like I said over at SBI, splendid read.


  2. Like I said over at SBI, this is some great stuff.


  3. This is great, really well written. Heartbreaking stuff. 🙂


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