Love Gun

This was written for Cara Michaels’ Menage Monday flash fiction contest.  200 word limit & 3 writing prompts; a photo, a phrase that must appear in the story, and a thematic prompt.

Love Gun

The Camp Knox Hotel was a first rate place for a hit.

The manager changed the carpets and painted the walls, no questions asked.

Joey and I stood outside room 107.

“You’re sure she’s alone in there?” asked Joey.

I nodded.

“I hate killin’ dames.” He pulled his gun and kicked.

The room was empty of everything but furniture.

Joey took two steps towards the bathroom.

I took two steps and blew a hole in Joey’s head.

“Come on out,” I said.

A blond woman in jeans and a tight white sweater walked out of the bathroom.

She looked at the body and then at me.

“What’s the catch, Tommy?”

“No catch. Just split.”

She made for the door. “Why?”

“He killed my brother. Didn’t think I knew but I knew.”

“That all?”

I said nothing. Didn’t have to.

She caressed my cheek with the back of her hand. “You can’t ever go home again, Tommy. You better get twice as gone as me. I stole. You killed.”

“Sounds serious.”

“I’m sorry, Tommy.”

I thought she was gonna kiss me but she ducked out the door and disappeared into the dusk.

I sat down to wait for the cleaning crew.


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