Full Moon Fever

Vince slapped the cuffs on me and threw me in his jeep’s passenger seat.  He winked and hopped in behind the wheel and we lit out for the Two Sisters.

The Two Sisters were this pair of scraggly little trees in front of a low, rocky hill in the middle of the desert, so named for two Apache girls murdered on that spot by the cavalry.

“How are you, Jonny?” asked Vince as we bounced along under the late afternoon sun.

“I’m hot, Vince.  Real hot.”

He laughed.  “We’re in the desert!  What’d you expect?”

“You say, ‘but it’s a dry heat’, and I’ll beat you to death, cuffs or no cuffs.”

I stole his line so he just nodded and drove.

We got there just before sunset.

I was lying in a heap between the Two Sisters and I could feel the change tingling in my blood.

The full moon would be up soon.

“These cuffs ain’t gonna hold me,” I said to Vince.  “You’re gonna die.  Just like your brother.”

“We’ll see about that.”

“Dont say I didn’t warn you.”

I woke up naked under the Two Sisters.

Wasn’t hungry.


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